Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Episode 68: Beware Of Falling Fat Guys with Will Forte and Chris Cox

The songs appearing on this episode, in order, were:

1) Big Mouth U.S.A. (Jim Ford Cover) - Wooden Wand & the Briarwood Virgins off Briarwood (2011)

2) Makin' It - Natural Child off 1971 (2011)

3) How Dare You - Thao and Mira off Thao & Mira (2011)

4) Golden Comb - The Features off Wilderness (2011)

5) Goodbye, Goodbye - The Bang Up - Couldn't find any more info on this one. Sorry!

Henderson, Osbaldiston, Punch Some Falls,


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  1. The Bang Up were a smaller band in Murfreesboro, TN in the mid 2000s, Linwood whom plays drums in Those Darlins currently is the drummer & Henry Daggs, acoustic folk punk, as I call it, is the singer (he still does the solo thing & is super great at it too- you can listen to his epic song "Bears" to prove this).