Sunday, May 6, 2012

Episode 93- Maggot Stampede with Chelsea Peretti and Jason Nash

The songs appearing on the podcast, in order, were:

1) Can I Change My Mind - Tyrone Davis off Can I Change My Mind (Single, 1968)

2) Where The Kids Are - Blondfire* off Where The Kids Are (Single, 2011)

3) Don't Move - Phantogram off Nightlife (EP, 2011)

4) Little Joann - My Sad Captains off Fight Less, Win More (2011)

5) Real Life - Tanlines off Settings (EP, 2010) 

* The brothers mentioned that they thought Blondfire used to be named something else.  Indeed, they were known as Astaire before being asked to cease being known as such by the estate of Fred Astaire.

Henderson, Osbaldiston, Punch Some Falls, Don't Poop The Glove,


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