Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Year, a New HENDERSON!


First, if you are a fellow citizen of Sklarbro Country, then welcome to the musical archives of the calming shores. If you aren't, then I welcome you with open arms and encourage you to check out Sklarbro Country over on Earwolf or iTunes.

My name is Alex. You might know me because you are subscribed to the Spotify playlist I put together with most of the music from Sklarbro Country. If you haven't seen that, I suggest you check it out. You can search for my Spotify profile by entering "spotify:user:thechop66" into the Spotify search bar.

However, because of various issues the Spotify catalog doesn't have EVERY song that the brothers play on the podcast. Also, by listing the songs in blog form, I can group them by episode. So no longer will you have to wonder "What was that one song from Episode ##?". Just head on over here and it will be all laid out for you.

So I've decided to make the proper archival of the Sklarbro Country Music my New Year's Resolution. I'll list the songs and info in order they were played with a link to a youtube/soundcloud/bandcamp etc so you can listen to the songs in all their glory. Pass along the word and enjoy!

Big Ups to Jenny Stracener over at Podcast Listening Log for inspiring me to finally do this with her listing of the Musical Review Show. If you want a review of each Sklarbro Country episode (along with other comedy podcasts), head on over there and check it out.

Until next time, A hearty HENDERSON! to you.


  1. Sweet! I'm super stoked to see you're doing this, Alex! Between the two of use, we'll just keep the whole Country in the loop!

    Osbaldiston! (It is 'o', right? Henderson is so much easier to spell)

  2. Thank you. Excellent idea. A hearty HENDERSON! to you sir :)

  3. Awesome project! (Any chance you could do a post for the music episode? (Episode 74)

  4. @socnorb- Actually, Jenny's post over at the Podcast Listening Blog listed all the music from Ep. 74. I will be going back (starting with episode 1) through the whole music catalog over the next few weekends so I hope to eventually be caught up.

    Also, are you also socnorb from the Shek Republic?

  5. You already know, but yes. I'm THAT socnorb. (As if there are multitudes of socnorbs running the hillsides.)